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Friday, August 29, 2008

Farm Bureau Sticks It To Callahan

I have to say, I'm surprised to hear this week that the Illinois Farm Bureau endorsed Republican Aaron Schock for the 18th Congressional District race.  I thought this endorsement would have easily went towards Colleen Callahan.  She's been working with them for 35 years.  She was raised and worked on a farm all her life.  She has more years worth of farming experience than Aaron Schock's been around.

I've read some of the other posts on various local blogs as well as comments made by readers.  All I really have is hearsay and I don't have first hand knowledge of what happened.  But I have to think that the endorsement decision was made by a few for the many.  I also wonder how much Schock had to pay to get this endorsement.  Think about it.  This is the one endorsement Schock could receive to really get under Callahan's skin and throw her off balance.  He says that he campaigns honorable, but I wonder.

Considering this sample size is small, the whole 2 farmers I have recently spoke with pretty much used a line from the move "Wall Street" to describe Aaron Schock; "he doesn't know preferred stock from livestock."  

My parents caught this story on TV and said they could see Callahan was visibly upset over this development.  I couldn't help but feel for her.  Therefore, I am going to do a first on this blog.

I would like to officially endorse Colleen Callahan for the Illinois 18th Congressional District.  

Though I have to state I normally lean a bit Republican,  however, I just cannot get behind Aaron Schock.  His record serving on the District 150 School Board was a disaster.  Was things any better from the time he was first elected to when he left as President of the Board?  From what I've always heard (again hearsay, but from some fairly creditable sources) that he has not done much in the Illinois house; the legislation he's introduced was more or less written by others and then his name put to it.  His resume is allegedly exaggerated.  His election and re-election in the 92nd District was not won by large margins.  

Meanwhile, Colleen Callahan is not a politician by any means.  She has not been corrupted by the system.  She entered this race to actually help people, to help Illinois and to help the US.  She certainly is not doing this for money or fame; if that's what she wanted, she'd probably just continue doing what she was doing.  Just the fact alone that she is not a professional politician is refreshing.  Only in his mid-20's, Aaron Schock has become a professional politician and is only looking out for himself in the way of higher office.  That's just more the same we have in Washington DC.

Common Sense of it All:  We get real change for the better when "the people" actively get involved in their community to make it happen.  Schock is a typical politician and you'll get more the same.  If you want change, vote Callahan; or even Green Party candidate Sheldon Schafer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly how is his resume exaggerated and which legislation was written by others? Those are pretty damning accusations that seem like they merit some evidence to back them other than "I heard it from someone." After all, Schock has been in public service--and examined by the media--since the age of 18. It seems like someone would have caught his exaggerated resume by this point.

August 30, 2008 9:01 AM

Blogger Common Sense Dude said...

I have to agree that some evidence is needed on these stories. I guess I could have tried to research and find evidence on these items. However, I don't even have the time to blog, let alone uncovering evidence on political figures. This is why I was clear in saying, "this is what I've heard." If anyone wants to, they can follow up on their own. Good politicians are experts in hiding parts of their past, though with time, it finally comes out.

I have no doubt that Schock is a bright kid and a nice enough guy. But he comes off to me as a very arrogant person, looking for higher office with more money and power. And from his record on the school board to his wanting to sell nukes to Taiwan, then retracting it and then later saying it was all a joke makes me feel he's not ready for the job.

August 31, 2008 1:26 PM

Anonymous hightime said...

As a teacher, in addition to a bad record on the school board, I worry about Schock's comment that the solution to school violence was to arm the students! C'mon! Isn't that what caused the problem in the first place?
I agree that Colleen was shortchanged on the farm endorsement. So was Sheldon Schafer, who has great new ideas for progress in agriculture that come from being Green: exciting new sources of biofuels, wind farms, etc. He also has experience in education, foreign affairs, and community service. Now THERE's a resume that stands up!

September 01, 2008 10:17 AM

Anonymous Chloe said...

Sheldon Schafer definitely has great ideas that will help Illinois' farmers - and I think the farmers in Illinois will see this, despite the Farm Bureau's decision (check out: Anyway, that's where my vote is going in November!

September 02, 2008 8:47 AM


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