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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Completely Predictable

Did anyone catch The Amy Poehler Show, er, I mean Saturday Night Live last night?  It opened with Poehler as Hillary R. Clinton and Tina Fey in a guest appearance as Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. This did not come as a big surprise for me.  Ever since McCain picked Palin as his running mate, many in the media commented how Palin looks similar to Tina Fey (or the other way around), especially wearing Tina Fey glasses.

As the two women completed their sketch, one thing that was apparent to me was that the majority of dumbing down jokes were against Sarah Palin.  That was also of no surprise.  It's clear that Tina Fey leans strongly to the left.  And from the past years on SNL, most of her material was geared against conservatives and Republicans.  And lately, these groups have given them plenty of ammo.  But this is parody and I don't have any problem with it.  The only thing I had a problem with was, well... it just wasn't funny.  This skit was like two giddy sorority chicks hamming it up for a camera.

I could only watch about 15 minutes of last nights show until I had to switch channels.  I just couldn't stomach this crap.  Michael Phelps was the host.  And as an Olympic hero and great athlete, I didn't think he was host material.  But he gave it a great effort.

I have noticed that Saturday Night Live over the last 5-6 years going downhill fast.  But last night's opener was just horrible.  When this topic comes up with my friends or family, their thoughts are similar to mine that the show is no good anymore.  I don't know.  Am I just too old and still fondly remember the days of Belushi, Akroyd, Murray, Murphy, Lovitz, Meyers and Carvey?  And is it me or is Amy Poehler in about each and every sketch the show features And it seems each sketch is based on some sort of TV show?

Last year I thought the program improved some, but not by much.  If last night's episode was any indicator, we're in for another suck year.

Common Sense of it All: Merely only my opinion, but I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks more like Sarah Palin.  Put some "Tina Fey glasses" on her, have Conan O'Brien write the material and I believe she can do a better job of impersonating Palin.   I feel Dreyfus is 1.)a more superior actress and 2.) she's proven she can do comedy (she's "Elaine" and "Old Christine").  What we saw last night on SNL was completely predictable.


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