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Thursday, January 15, 2009

District 150 To Close and Consolidate Schools

The District 150 School Board yesterday discussed the possibility to close Woodruff High School as well as Tyng, Irving and Kingman primary schools. This measure is being considered to fix a gaping $9.2 million budget deficit projected for next year.

I learned of this news this morning as I didn't catch the news last night. At lunch time today, I learn there is going to be a meeting to discuss this issue set for tonight at 5pm at Godfather's Pizza. WTF! This is less than 24 hours to announce this meeting. People have lives. This gives them very little time to adjust for work, babysitters, etc.

You see, this is how the school board operates. Present a controversial issue to which they have already decided what they want to do regardless of teachers, parents and the public's input. Then call a meeting as short notice as you can get just to give the appearance that they care about parents' input. After the meeting, state that no one showed despite all their great efforts for the public to come together. Finally, the school board follows through on their plans.

I understand that they need to do something to stop the budget hemorrhaging. Nine million dollars is a lot of money. I guess they wish they had the nearly $900,000 they frivolously threw away from secretly buying houses in the East Bluff for the new Glen Oak school. But consolidating schools and reducing the number of teachers will increase class size, and decrease the quality of education. That fits in well with the rest of Peoria.

It is really sad. I went to District 150 schools in the late 60's and 70's and I considered it a great education. I had teachers who really cared about the students well being, inside and out of the classroom. There was discipline and a good environment conducive to learning. My how times have changed.

Update on 1/16/09: From what I've seen on the news and read on some blogs, Godfather's Pizza was packed for the meeting last night. That's great! I hope the community really gets involved in this issue instead of a select few making these critical decisions.


Blogger Peoria AntiPundit said...

That's unfair. No decision has been made by the Board to close anything. If anything, the group that is meeting didn't allow enough time for anyone to show.

I went to District 150 K thru 12. and classes were big then too but that doesn't mean they will be big because they are closing some schools. Read what they are going to do. The other schools will be consolidated into Woodruff and grades 10 to 12 will be at Central. More class rooms. That is what I don't like about these groups who get a bunch of people worked up that are mis informed.

January 21, 2009 6:45 PM


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