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Monday, November 03, 2008

Last Minute Election Comments

After a record setting 22-months, this hell called campaign season is about over.  I thought I'd take a few moments to leave some last minute election comments before the polls open tomorrow morning.

Barack Obama - For months now we've heard Obama explain his tax plan which he claims that anyone or any small business making less than $250,000 will not see their taxes go up.  This must be the definition of middle class for Obama.  Anyhow, more then ever, the middle class is invested in the stock market.  Under the Bush tax cuts of 2001, the long term capital gain tax rate dropped to 15%; the taxes on qualified dividends dropped to 15% as well.  The Bush tax cuts are to sunset after 2010, which these tax rates will rise to their pre-2001 level.  So if Obama is promising that those with less then $250k in income will not see their taxes rise, does this mean he is going to strive to make these Bush tax cuts permanent, because these rates will rise automatically.

Obama is a decent looking man who is well spoken and well mannered.  I don't know how much substance there is beyond that.  In the 4 years since he has become a US Senator, he's spent half that time running for President.  The man is very liberal politically.  But the important thing is how well he can work with others and how open to compromise he is.  But it strikes me odd how this guy can fill stadiums like he's a rock star, but yet only be polling in the low 50% over McCain.

John McCain - I think McCain has lost his direction.  I cannot believe some of the things he says at times.  Example: In mid-September, McCain claimed the fundamentals of the economy were sound.  This is days before the big meltdown on Wall Street.  McCain's pick of Palin for VP was probably not the wisest of choices.  She does have some positive qualities, but not enough to garner for the VP slot.  It did get big press and did jump start the ranks in the Republican party, but I think that was short lived.  I like Palin personally and she's easy on the eyes, but the whole situation is reminiscent of Bush 41's pick of Dan Quayle in 1988.

18th Congressional Race - The biggest and latest flap going on is Republican Aaron Schock's involvement in "notary-gate."  The Schock apologists are saying this is not a big deal. Democrats and opponents say this shows lack of character and that he may not be trusted.  I have to lean towards saying that this does display lack of judgement and character.  A notary dating a document one or two days off is no big deal; a full year is really stretching it.

Schock first states that he didn't remember the details of the situation as it was 7 years ago.  A day or two later, Schock then claims that this backdating was a "clerical error."  So is Schock changing his story now?  Didn't Schock's father under sworn testimony claim these documents were purposely backdated by almost a year?  How is that a "clerical error?"

Schock and his supporters also claim that his father did not benefit from this deal.  Of course they did not benefit because they were scammed.  But do you think that's why they entered into this deal, so they would not benefit?  No, they tried to benefit from it by reducing their tax liabilities.  I don't know what the details are on this tax shelter they tried to establish, but according to authorities, it was or appeared legit.  The real question I would like to see answered is this; what was the reason as to why they had Schock backdate these documents.

And politics as usual, Democrats used this to the fullest to paint Schock in a bad light.  I'm disappointed in Colleen Callahan and her campaign for using so much negative advertising and mud slinging.  This incident became more fuel for her fire.  She does have some good ideas on the issues facing this year's campaign, but she never really seemed to make them public.  

I liked it that Callahan and Green Party candidate Sheldon Schafer entered the race because they are not career politicians. It gave us a chance for real change.  Schock has already become a career politician and I feel he will make no difference in Washington.  He will be like all the other self-serving politicians there.  Many of Schock's endorsements, including the Journal Star, state that he's done quite a lot.  When they sight what he has done, they only list all the elections he's won; nothing about what he's done in office.  Perhaps his biggest accomplishment is bringing Kay Royster to District 150.

Schock will most likely win tomorrow, but I don't believe it will be by landslide margins.  There are many Republicans who are not happy with him.  I will predict the real surprise will be from Schafer, who will probably do quite well as a third party candidate.

Common Sense of it All:  The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day.


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