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Friday, May 09, 2008

Enough Already!

I’m sure the average American is by now tired of the presidential election. It’s been going on what now, a year, and we’re still 6 months away from the general election. The Democratic Party does not even know who their presumptive candidate will be (though it’s becoming clearer that it will probably be Obama).

It seems to me that these presidential contests start earlier and earlier. Why? So these candidates can start raising money all the faster. And the loser in all this is the US citizen. We are barraged with campaign ads and dominating news stories. Anymore, by the time the Iowa Caucuses come around, we’re sick and tired of hearing about these candidates and the elections. Enough already!

And think of the time away from their jobs so these candidates can campaign for 18 months. If I tried to do this, I wouldn’t get a paycheck, let alone still have a job. Each week I read in the newspaper the Roll Call of how our elected officials from Illinois voted on pending legislation in Washington. And each week, it seems I read “Not Voting – Obama.” Of course he’s not voting because he’s not on the job; he’s busy seeking out his next gig in higher office. Perhaps if you’re a current elected official, and they decide to run for higher office, their pay should be based upon actual time on the job, or just suspended altogether. It would at least save the taxpayer a little money.

Of course, these candidates are doing just fine financially, in that they probably don’t even need that six-digit salary. Hillary Rodham Clinton has already put over $11 million of her own money into her deteriorating campaign. Does that sound like someone who really needs that paycheck?

As for the situation in the current election, Republican John McCain has been getting somewhat of a free ride while the two Democratic candidates tear each other up. Once a victor emerges out of the smoldering ashes, now all bruised and bloodied, they will have to go against McCain. At this point, the McCain campaign will be rested, strong and ready for action.

We can thank Hillary Rodham Clinton for this as she should have backed down long ago. There are now signs that this is to happen sooner rather than later. For starters, Obama has proved to be a fundraising machine that can far outpace the Clintons. Hillary had to dump in another $6 million recently to keep herself alive in the race while Obama is still sitting on a good financial war chest. In a piece from yesterday’s New York Times stated that the Clinton Era in the Democratic Party is about over and will make way for a newer, younger set of visionaries. This was apparent when two photos emerged from both candidates and their supporters. The Obama photo was reminiscent of early-1990s Clintons; young, energetic leaders with fresh ideas. The Clinton photo depicted a group of old, worn out has-beens still pushing the same old agendas and programs.

It’s really sad to put this question in this tone, but, so are we all ready for the next six months of this mess?

Common Sense of it All: The rivalry of Obama and Clinton has weakened the Democratic Party making it all the easier for McCain to campaign and have a good chance of the Republicans winning the White House. Clinton should have stepped down much sooner for the benefit of the Democratic Party. However, she is more concerned over her own stature than of the party she belongs. It’s like she feels entitled to become President over anyone else. And we don’t need another dynasty in the White House; look how well that played out with the Bush dynasty. If Clinton should become elected, there will be an entire generation of Americans who can not recall a time when the President did not have the name Bush or Clinton.

As for picking the winning candidate come November, I usually place my bet on the candidate with the most money. And don’t count Obama out as he has proved to be a money making machine.