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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Build The Block

This is a simple piece of advice I can give regarding the proposed downtown museum.

Third District Councilman Bob Manning made some very strong comments and observations on the museum this week to which I agree 110%. So I won't try to restate or rehash anything he said here. You can listen to his comments over at The Peoria Chronicle.

Some thoughts I'd like to point out are:

1. How is all this marketing being funded? It costs money to pay for the TV ads, light post banners, newspaper ads, etc. Is this coming out of all the donations the museum has received from the few supporters it has? I'm sure these people meant for this money to be used for brick and mortar purposes, not for campaigning.

2. Should a referendum be held asking Peoria County taxpayers to foot the bill to "build the block," you can expect, as Mr. Manning predicts, heavy marketing on this project as to why voters should vote yes. Will this all be paid out of donations already received for the building of the museum? Will there be a organized group to counteract this campaign? We will need one.

3. Mr. Manning talks about a "Plan B" if there is not enough attendance to support this boondoggle. Is there even any kind of business plan at all? The museum supporters and organizers continue to ask for more time to raise funds. They also keep throwing out different and higher projected costs to build. Do they even know what they are talking about? How do they even put together their projections? It appears there is no plan whatsoever and the fact remains that they do not have a very good track record if you ask me.

The support for this museum is very weak, at best. If it had strong support from the public, the museum organizers would be much, much further than they are now. It's time to stop wasting the people's time, money and resource and just give it up. But they will not and the city council has voted to let them continue. My real fear is that a referendum will come up to raise sales tax to pay for this clunker and the voters will approve it. After that, we will be stuck with this tax forever.

Common Sense of it All: Like Mr. Manning, I too have zero confidence in the museum. I have posted on this blog before about how I believe that it is destined to fail. I don't see how it will ever support itself. Once a tax is enacted, it will never go away; especially with this project. God in Heaven above won't even be able to reverse this tax as the museum will indefinitely need public funding to operate. Councilman Bob Manning gets an A+ in common sense!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Justice Prevails

This past week has been a "two-for."  First we get the conviction of OJ Simpson.  And now, finally, Governor Rod Blagojevich is getting his.

By now everyone has heard Blago was arrested early this morning at the Illinois executive mansion now located in Chicago.  The big charge, though I'm not really surprised about it, was the appointment of the state's vacated Senate office given to the highest bidder.  Just how low will this man stoop to get money and power?

What really boggles my mind is how he got re-elected in 2006.  Can't people see through all his shenanigans?  The first 4-year term should have been enough to tell you this man was crooked. Right from the start when he refused to move to Springfield, it was my opinion he felt he was above Springfield and that he didn't want to live in some "hick" town.  Of course he fooled everyone into believing he didn't want to take his kids out of their school.

While running for office in 2002, Blagojevich promised to govern as a reformer and was going to straighten out the mess left by Republicans and George Ryan. In my opinion, the state now has bigger problems and is in worse shape than when Ryan left office. Blagojevich, I believe, is the largest part of the problem in dealing with the state's crisis. Money is very tight, but yet it pays for all his flights to and from Chicago and Springfield.  He does not get along with most of Illinois' legislators.  His ideas are whacked (ie the gross receipts tax) and he tries to strong arm people into getting his way.

And now, even though he knew the Feds were watching and investigating him for the past 3 years, he just blatantly pulls these current stunts.  In fact, the night before he badgered the Feds on.  And we thought Aaron Schock was arrogant.  Is he insane?  If he's not stopped, what else is he capable of doing?

Common Sense of it All: There is a lot of talk of impeachment.  Some predict that it won't happen.  But I think many politicians want to get this over with ASAP.  And if Blago won't resign which many, if not all, of Illinois' leaders want, there could be more pressure to push impeachment. I can easily see Blago refusing to resign. Impeachment could be possible in the House, but less likely to be tried in the Senate.